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KYOWA CASTING (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. is an aluminum die-cast supplier in Thailand. We mainly manufacture Automotive die castings and Agricultural machinery die castings.

We are owned subsidiary by KYOWA CASTING Co., Ltd., established in Ibara-city, Okayama, Japan 1943. 


KYOWA Casting Group is keeping sound finance over 70 years and we continue to secure, stable and reasonably priced supply to many automotive companies and agricultural machinery company, based on long term good relations to customers and good relations to local residents, and employees.


Now, the KYOWA Casting Group has five production bases in Japan. And in 2011, we have established our Thai factory as a new overseas production base.

KYOWA Casting Group always strives for customer satisfaction, delivering the products our customers expect.



Automotive aluminum die-castings

In 1943, We have started a business to manufacture aluminum casting.


Today, Many automotive manufacturers and their first-tier suppliers continuously choosing us and rank us as a high-quality aluminum diecast supplier.

Agricultural machinery die-castings

Agriculture in the Kingdom of Thailand is highly competitive internationally. We hope and pray for development the of agriculture.


We have started a business with Kubota since 1969. They are the major manufacturer in the agricultural machinery of the world.

Company Name:



Managing Director :

Tatsuhiro Ii


Main Products :

Automotive parts and Agricultural machinery parts



WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 1

500/111 Moo 3, Tasith Sub-district, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong 21140 Thailand


Access from Highways 3138 and 331.

45 mins from the Laem Chabang Seaport.

1.5 hours from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.


Established:  2011

Capital : 386,000,000 THB

Employees: 107 persons

A company with BOI incentives.


ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 (IATF16949), ISO14001, OHSAS18001(ISO45001) certified.


Mission statement: 


We should be a good company by playing a role in the industrial development of Thailand in cooperates with stakeholders, customers, neighbors, employees, suppliers, and all of the interested parties.




Our Customer
Disclose end user only.
Engine parts of high pressure die casting

These are our product samples. High pressure die casting parts made with aluminum casting alloy-ADC12 is now the leading material in Asian automotive and agricultural machinery manufacturer's gasoline and clean diesel engine and continues to use in gear case, Inlet Manifold, Water pipe, Water Pump, engine mounting bracket.

High performance full robotized die casting line

We have a total of eight sets of full robotized HPDC line. 


A mold releasing lubricant will be delivered to each line from a centralized pump. Our system has a recycling function and it is able to reduce liquid waste drastically.


A die casting machine, if the injecting condition might be out of control standard, machines will stop immediately and strictly.


A melting furnace is an individual one for each machine, and we can choose to hold-temperature optionally by soaked type electric heater.


An articulated robot will take off products from die casting machines, that hand will set products to auto trimming press machine. The machine will separate the product and runner-gate and conveyor delivers the product to the deburring worker.


He/she can get the product without runner-gate. On the other hand, another conveyer will return the runner-gate to the melting furnace automatically.


A melting furnace has two auto charging towers, one is for ingot and the other is for runner-gate. This system is able to reduce heavyweight work 50% than the old one, and it has a good effect on occupational health, too.

Our factory has no wall, so the natural breeze blows pleasantly through the factory.


Own mold design team and tooling shop

Our products are compatible with both customer requirements and high productiveness.


Mold is one of most important our technology for die casting business and we have our own mold design team and die tooling shop. 

The mold design team always design molds to satisfy various customer requirements, and at the same time, they are satisfying productiveness.


Our mold tooling shop is adjoined to die casting factory and they are also working for mold maintenance every day.

A lot of practice is more important than theory to be a mold technician, and it is a very strong point to be able to listen to candid feedback from die-casting factory directly every day.

So, our mold engineers and technic people have more practical Kaizen competence.


We are keeping a high local procurement rate for raw materials of mold in Thailand.

45 mins from the Laem Chabang Seaport

We are located in WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (WHA Group) world-class developer developed.

Here is only 45 min from Laem Chabang seaport which is a Thai major container port. And we have our own van slope and trailer can transport containers to us directly. we can reduce the cost of export/import.


This land is very firm and solid ground which is suitable for high precision die-casting. and also we are located on a rising 80 meters above the sea level, there is no risk of flood.

Quality Control and Inspection
Mitutoyo CMM
Shimadzu spectrometer
Yxlon X-ray machine NDI

Measuring and assuring product dimension is the most basic and fundamental matter for die casting. An automatic running function will help to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of inspection. 


Confirming raw material chemical specifications to the required specification is the most basic and fundamental matter for die casting.





The x-ray machine is one of the most popular processes of non-destructive inspection. we are manufacturing a lot of structural parts and it is the most important requirement for them to avoid internal defects.




Occupational Health and Safety
Mitutoyo CMM
Shimadzu spectrometer
OHSAS 18001 (ISO45001) certified

Our safety management system is certified by the Thai Certificate Authority.

We believe that not only the reduction of disasters but also the voluntary safety culture will increase the productivity and motivation of workers.



Education and Training


Especially mold installation is one of the most important operations by the floor-operated electric overhead crane. we educate our employees and also keeping conforming to Thai governmental requirements.




Types of equipment

We are treating very high-temperature molten metal and very high voltage electrical equipment.

We are keeping safety facilities, ex AED, Emergency water shower, good condition and supply appropriate PPE to our employees.




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