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5-Why-Analysis is so difficult?

Accidents in factories often occur due to a complex interplay of causes. In order to solve this problem and take measures to prevent it from happening again, it is necessary to find the root cause. One of the techniques for this is the ``5 Whys Analysis'' or 5Whys Analysis. In this article, we will discuss the difficulties of why-why analysis, how to overcome them, and even introduce the AI tool "Factory Safety Guide" that supports this process.

What is why-why analysis?

5-Why analysis is a method of repeatedly asking the question "Why?" in order to go beyond the surface causes of a problem and delve into the root causes. The theory is that you can get to the root cause of most things in just five "why?" questions. However, in practice this process involves some difficulties.

The difficulty of why-why analysis

  1. Being satisfied with superficial causes : People often become satisfied with the first or two "whys." However, this does not allow us to get to the true root cause.

  2. Subjective interpretation : The analyst's experience and knowledge may influence the interpretation, which may lack objectivity.

  3. Lack of information : Determining the root cause can be difficult when necessary information is missing.

  4. Existence of multiple causes : When multiple causes are intertwined with one problem, it is difficult to consider each one separately.

  5. Poor communication within teams : Analysis is often done in teams, so disagreements and poor communication can be a hindrance.

How to overcome difficulties

  1. Teamwork and Communication : It's important to encourage open communication within your team and include diverse opinions.

  2. Thorough information collection : We thoroughly collect the necessary information and utilize it for analysis.

  3. Maintaining an objective perspective : Ensure objectivity by incorporating third-party opinions.

  4. Leverage analytical tools : Streamline processes by leveraging tools and software to assist with analysis.

Factory Safety Guide Introduction to GPT

The Factory Safety Guide has been developed to make this process even more efficient and effective. This AI tool supports the process of why-why analysis, allowing factory safety managers to quickly and accurately identify root causes.

Please register for use. You can use GPT4 by upgrading to a Chat GPT Plus contract.

It's $20 per month.

Try searching for “Factory Safety Guide”.


If you start the conversation with a question such as ``Hydraulic oil leaked from the mold piping,'' they will help you analyze the why and give advice on the final countermeasures.


Identifying the root cause of a factory accident is the key to preventing it from happening again. Why-why analysis is an extremely useful technique in this process, but its application is fraught with challenges. To overcome these challenges and perform more effective analysis, it is recommended to utilize AI tools such as "Factory Safety Guide". This tool allows safety managers to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of accidents, saving valuable time and resources while improving factory safety. Safety is the foundation of all factory operations.

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